Road Accident Fund fraud doctor fined R60 000 and 4 years imprisonment

A doctor who admitted and pleaded guilty on 49 charges of fraud, admitted that he had completed fraudulent medial claim documents.

Pretoria Regional Court Magistrate David Makhoba said during his sentencing of the guilty doctor, Dr Lebogang Mosweu that it would have been unfair to severely punish the doctor who defrauded the Road Accident Fund more severely than the actual attorney he had conspired with to to the fraudulent RAF claims.

A report in the Beeld newspaper initally reported that Mosweu had pleaded guilty to 49 charges of fraud.

The doctor had signed the medical forms for the false and fradulent claims between 2007 and 2011, which exposed the Road Accident Fund to potential direct losses of more R3.4m and current material losses of R800 000. During his mitigation pleas said that  he had trusted the attorney, HB Molefe, and had realised much later the said claims were false. Besides the high fee that was paid to the medical doctor for filling the forms, the said doctor Mosweu apparently did not gain any other  benefits from the said fraudulent claims.

The court was aware that the attorney was already sentenced to a mild fine of R50 000 and had already paid back the claims back to the Road Accident Fund. The magistrate Makhoba had stated that this sentence as ‘very light’, but had further said it was not fair to have sactioned a harsher sentence on Dr. Mosweu. A sentence of a fine of R60 000 and a further four years imprisonment that was then suspended for five years.