Road Accident Fund Claim Narrative Test/ Assessment

The Road Accident Fund claims from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) are related to key areas:

direct damages, and non-pecuniary loss or general damages.

The direct damages are fairly easy to document and have settlements reached, if contrasted to the non-pecuniary loss or general damages that are claimed and disputed. The final assessment of the report, known as the “Road Accident Fund Claim Narrative test” will usually will only follow where the injury is not listed on the “non-serious injuries” list (which is yet to be published by the RAF), and where the injury is assessed to have resulted in less than 30 per cent of WPI (whole person impairment).

In this case it is the duty of the trained Certified Independent  Medical Examiner CIME to complete the “Road Accident Fund Claim Narrative test“. According to narrative test the CIME should assess, if in his/her opinion, the injury has resulted in one of the following four consequences and if the criteria of any are met:

• serious long-term impairment or loss of a body function,

• permanent serious disfigurement,

• severe long-term mental or severe long-term behavioural disturbance or disorder,

• or the loss of a foetus.

These criteria are the main assessment criteria used to make the subjective assessment “narrative test” after the main Serious Injury Assessment is done in terms of the WPI.