Road Accident Fund Lawyers or attorneys who specialise in Road Accident Fund claims market their skills on various media in South Africa. There are many such attorneys who are very talented and experienced in what they do and have built their names and practices on their ability to fight for people injured in road accidents.

Many of these attorneys and their firms have been in existence for a long time , with many more firms becoming more prominent in recent years. With the growing number of firms and attorneys who now have a special interest or special in road accident fund claims or RAF claims, the choice is larger.

With the growing number of attorneys available for victims or their families to approach, the skills and experience of each attorney will vary. Each attorney will also have their own contract and terms of engagement.

The experience of each individual is built on the various types of claims that they take on and litigate on the courts. Some firms have their own internal review team that limits the claims amounts they will do. For example, some firms won’t do claims that they believe are worth less than R 1 million. These matters against the Road Accident Fund are usually heard in the High Courts of South Africa.

Some Road Accident Fund lawyers also work only with lower value matters that are heard in lower courts known as the Magistrates courts’.

There is also a common question about the integrity of some attorneys but these matters are usually investigated by the Law Society. (the Society to which all attorneys belong, and it functions to regulate their conduct)

It is very difficult to comment about the integrity of specific individuals but some trends are commonly known. There are firms, and we have seen patients coming to see our doctors with a letter from the attorney on what to say and what not to say. Some of these letters specifically tell the patient to complain of blurry vision, headaches, back pain, nightmares, and difficulty sleeping. As you will understand it is very difficult to investigate these complains, as they are very experience based complaints.

Our team specialises in doing all the required special tests and investigations by the various specialists to confirm the possibility of such complaints and if they are indeed genuine, they are strongly supported. If the findings are concerning, it is also noted.

Whether each attorney can be trusted will be based on how much attention you pay to your claim, and your own monitoring of the efforts made to work with the said Road Accident Fund lawyer.

Look for the following information from your attorney to ensure that there us a trust relationship:

  • A copy of the agreement offered and his/her willingness to let you get and independent opinion on the contract and its legal effects
  • Their willingness to confirm if their contract is compliant with the Contingency Fees’ Act
  •  Their willingness to explain the claim procedure
  • Their willingness to regularly update you and provide written communication to you
  • Ask for references of other people who have claims and contact information to ask about their experience with the attorney and firm.