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Road Accident Fund v Coughlan: Supreme Court of Appeal

Summary: Foster child grants made to the dependants of a deceased killed in a collision covered by the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996 should, as a rule, be deducted from any award of damages for loss of support made by the Road Accident Fund.



Case No: 702/2013


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What does “no-win no-fee” in Road Accident Fund matters actually mean?

If you have ever been injured in a road accident matter, there is big possibility that you have been contacted by an attorney. These attorney’s or the firms, usually market their services as “non-win no-fee”. What exactly does this mean and is it a genuine offer?

What does it mean for road accident fund claims?

In fact, it means exactly what it says in some cases, but not all. There are many honest attorneys and firms that offer the terms and actually mean it. There are also many firms who state that but do otherwise. Those firms that say it at face […]

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Can I trust a Road Accident Fund Lawyer?

Road Accident Fund Lawyers or attorneys who specialise in Road Accident Fund claims market their skills on various media in South Africa. There are many such attorneys who are very talented and experienced in what they do and have built their names and practices on their ability to fight for people injured in road accidents.

Many of these attorneys and their firms have been in existence for a long time , with many more firms becoming more prominent in recent years. With the growing number of firms and attorneys who now have a special interest or special in road accident fund […]

Road Accident Fund Claims from the Road Accident Fund in South Africa

Road transport is undoubtedly one of the most common means of transport within South Africa. Unfortunately, just like anywhere else, the roads in the country are beguiled by accidents which affect the economically-viable as well as productive citizens who play a crucial role in the country’s economy. The shroud of accidents would be darker if the duty of compensating the road carnage victims was left in the hands of the private sector.

To make sure those citizens and other people who get affected by the road accidents are adequately compensated though, the government set up the Road Accidents Fund. This fund […]

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Road accident fund claims (RAF Claims) and claims criteria

It is common place that there is huge confusion about who can lodge a Road Accident Fund claims for damages, and what criteria is used.

Essentially the adopted standard of evidence that is required by the RAF after the recent legislative changes, is that there should be minimum whole person impairment (WPI) rating of 30% for a claim to be entertained by the RAF.

This WPI rating is a scoring system developed and propagated globally by the American Medical Association, in its 6th Edition of the guides. The RAF, along with multitude of international organizations have adopted these guidelines and frameworks as […]