Ayush Healthcare offers a single point contact for access to the various specialist professionals as well as for a quick turn around reporting and impairment rating for various agencies including the Road Accident Fund (RAF), the Compensation Commission, Medical Aids, Insurance Agencies etc.

Ayush Healthcare (Pty) Ltd is a Level 3 contributor and 110% preferential procurement BB-BEE company.

It is a specialized consulting company that offers a range of medical and medico-legal consulting services.

It was founded for the purpose of being able to offer access to a multitude of skilled professional with one access point.

Usually with medical consulting, specifically consulting related to claims, there is a protracted delay in the assessments, ratings and reports being provided as there is limited co-ordination between the parties.

The company and offers a range of consulting on Drug utilisation review, disease interventions, medical management planning, medical strategy, chronic disease management, HIV Management and training, oncology drug management, etc.


Road Accident Fund

Ayush Healthcare is a preferred supplier and on the panel of medical experts of the Road Accident Fund.