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  • We know that you feel frustrated that you, or someone you care about has been through pain suffering and trauma that was not usually your fault. We understand and empathise with you!
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We know that you feel frustrated that you, or someone you care about has been through pain suffering and trauma that was not usually your fault. We understand and empathise with you!Click here for more


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CEO: Dr Terrence O. Kommal

Dr Terrence O. Kommal is medical doctor and is also a Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner (CIME) in the AMA Guidelines (6th edition) by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and the American College of Disability Medicine, and specialises in Road Accident Fund medical assessments!

He is one of the few privileged doctors in Africa to have successfully completed the PG Certificate in Medicine in Law (CML) in 2003. He studied directly and graduated under the personal guidance of Emeritus Prof SA Strauss, who is considered the the founding father of Medical Law in South Africa.

As a qualified a medico-legal professional, he also has an intimate knowledge of the workings of the legal profession and statutes, Dr Kommal has personally represented himself and successful litigated against Ministries, Municipalities and other statutory bodies. He enjoys reading case law, and is current with leading judgments in a range of matters.

He has also completed a Senior Management Programme: Advanced Health Management Programme from Yale University.

He has also further completed a range of other academic courses in a various fields including infectious diseases, HIV, TB, emergency medicine, and military medicine, etc.

Dr Kommal is a full member of the Royal Society of South Africa since 2007 , after being nominated by two senior fellows and elected to full membership by the general council. The Royal Society is a royal charter institution, and is SA’s leading academic body.

He is a Board member of The Ayurvedic Foundation of South Africa. He has presented to local and international panels for and with the Consul General of India (Durban), and the High Commission of India (HE Mr Bhatia) on Ayurveda, and Integrative Medicines.

Dr Terrence Kommal at Ayush Healthcare


Dr Terrence Kommal Ayush Healthcare

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