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"Comprehensive independent multi-disciplinary medical consulting, AMA (6th edition) impairment ratings and Road Accident Fund (RAF Form 4) and medico-legal reports. Assisting you to efficiently help your clients get settlements."
-Dr Terrence O. Kommal
Road Accident Fund (RAF) Assessments

Road Accident Fund (RAF) Assessments

The Road Accident Fund requires that all assessments Whole Person Impairment Ratings be completed in accordance with the AMA Guides (6th Edition). Ayush Healthcare specialises in AMA compliant reports with its CIME consultants for Road Accident Fund claims. Read more...
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Independent Medical Assessments

Certified Independent Medical Examiners are Board Certified Medical Professions who meet the exceedingly high international standards of the ABIME and are recognised diplomates of the Board as leaders in their professions. Key for Road Accident Fund claims. Read more
Road Accident Fund, road accident fund claim, RAF claim, RAF form 4

Whole Person Impairment Assessment

  Whole Person Impairment Assessments (WPI) for Road Accident Fund claims can only be done be trained and specially trained medical practitioners. CIME professionals have proven international skills and certifications to complete WPI assessments. Read more...
Road Accident Fund, road accident fund claim, RAF claim, RAF form 4

Narrative Test for the Road Accident Fund

The Narrative test applies to those individuals who have a serious injuries with impairment that impairs their Activities of Daily Living and the WPI rating assessment is in the region of 30% for Road Accident Fund claims. However the WPI has to be done in all cases prior to the narrative tests. Read more... .
An independent, multi-skilled and efficient professional medico-legal consulting team for Road Accident Fund claims Learn more...
  • How to claim from the Road Accident Fund
    How to claim from the Road Accident Fund
    The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is a government agency, that had been created in South Africa to provide assistance and cover to all victims of Road Accidents. The road accident fund had been created by the Road Accident Fund Act,  Act 56 of 1996 (an Act is a law passed by the Parliament of South Africa, which is then signed into law by the President). The governing law or act, was amended in August 2008 by the  what is known as the RAF Amendment Act...
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  • How to claim from road accident fund
    How to claim from road accident fund
    Parties who can institute and RAF claim are: A party who sustains serious bodily injuries in a motor vehicle accident and need to know how to claim from road accident fund If a breadwinner dies the dependants who were financially supported by such breadwinner are entitled to recover the same amount of support they would have received from the breadwinner during his lifespan from the Road Accident Fund (certain limitations apply); Where a minor is injured and has to receive medical treatment. In this case...
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  • Road Accident Fund intervenes in court application relating to fraudulent RAF claims by attorneys
    Road Accident Fund intervenes in court application relating to fraudulent RAF claims by attorneys
    Road Accident Fund intervenes in fraudulent RAF claims by attorneys It has now become apparent that the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and the courts are not willing to entertain unlawful contingency fees that are being charged by some lawyers. A very well known firm, Bobroff & Partners, that was previously shown the door by the North Gauteng High Court is alleged to have again been implicated in thousands of cases of illegal contingency agreements, according to the RAF. It what appears to be a well...
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  • Dr Terrence Kommal Ayush Healthcare
    Road Accident Fund Claims from the Road Accident Fund in South Africa
    Road Accident Fund Claims from the Road Accident Fund in South Africa Road transport is undoubtedly one of the most common means of transport within South Africa. Unfortunately, just like anywhere else, the roads in the country are beguiled by accidents which affect the economically-viable as well as productive citizens who play a crucial role in the country’s economy. The shroud of accidents would be darker if the duty of compensating the road carnage victims was left in the hands of the private sector. To...
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  • Who is a medical expert?
    Who is a medical expert?
    In specific circumstances, like legal matters, there is usually a reference to “medical experts”, and their opinions are usually held in high regard.  These experts range from various medical specialists including orthopaedic surgeons, general surgeons, cardiologists, cardio-thoracic surgeons, physicians, forensic pathologists to medico-legal consultants. Other experts like occupational therapists and industrial psychologists, are sometime also referred to as “experts”, especially in Road Accident Fund matters. What qualifies one as a “medical expert”? Clarifying the definition of medical: By definition, especially in terms of South African...

Road Accident Fund related Judgements

  • road accident fund claims
    Serious Injury Assessment: Van Rooi v Road Accident Fund (60992/2011) [2013] ZAGPPHC 160 (12 June 2013)
    In the matter between: V.E. VAN ROOI                                                                                                         PLAINTIFF and ROAD ACCIDENT FUND                                                                                      DEFENDANT   JUDGMENT   HIEMSTRA AJ   [1] The plaintiff was injured in a motor collision on 10 July 2010. He suffered the following injuries: 1. Left ankle medial malleolus fracture, closed fracture; 2. Lacerations to his right...
  • road accident fund claims
    Serious Injury Assessment: Jonosky v Road Accident Fund (2010/01220) [2013] ZAGPJHC 149 (14 June 2013)
    In the matter between:   NEVILLE RONALD JONOSKY                                                 Plaintiff   And   ROAD ACCIDENT FUND                                                                        Defendant     JUDGMENT     C. J. CLAASSEN J:   [1]         The plaintiff is an adult male born on 13 April 1960. At the age of 49 years and on 6 May 2009...
I wish we could clone your team and place them around the country" - RAF Claims Handler

Ayush healthcare CEO: Dr Terrence O. Kommal

Dr Terrence O. Kommal is medical doctor and is also a Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner (CIME) in the AMA Guidelines (6th edition) by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and the American College of Disability Medicine.

Dr Terrence Kommal

He is one of the few privileged doctors in Africa to have successfully completed the PG Certificate in Medicine in Law (CML) in 2003. He studied directly and graduated under the personal guidance of Emeritus Prof SA Strauss, who is considered the the founding father of Medical Law in South Africa. Prof Peter Carstens who is now one of the leading authorities on Medical Law in SA, was also one of Dr Kommal's examiners in his CML.

As a qualified a medico-legal professional, he also has an intimate knowledge of the workings of the legal profession and statutes, Dr Kommal has personally represented himself and successful litigated against Ministries, Municipalities and other statutory bodies. He enjoys reading case law, and is current with leading judgments in a range of matters.

He has also completed a Senior Management Programme: Advanced Health Management Programme from Yale University.

He has also further completed a range of other academic courses in a various fields including infectious diseases, HIV, TB, emergency medicine, and military medicine, etc.

Dr Kommal is a full member of the Royal Society of South Africa since 2007 , after being nominated by two senior fellows and elected to full membership by the general council. The Royal Society is a royal charter institution, and is SA's leading academic body.

He is a Board member of The Ayurvedic Foundation of South Africa. He has presented to local and international panels for and with the Consul General of India (Durban), and the High Commission of India (HE Mr Bhatia) on Ayurveda, and Integrative Medicines.

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