At Ayush Healthcare Medical Experts we are a team of medical experts, AMA Guides Certified Doctors, Surgeons, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and others.


Road Accident Fund and Medical Negligence attorneys and claimants, our #1 priority is YOU! We believe in providing you amazing service, so that you can focus on your core business. We truly care about your clients as much as you do (and maybe even more), which is why we offer the best support, care and assessments. In addition, Ayush Healthcare offers seasoned expert assessments! You can count on us, for assessments by skilled medical experts.

Our team is led and managed by Medical Doctors and Specialists. Just like when flying in a plane, you would expect a pilot to be in charge, we too believe that Healthcare Leadership must be provided by experienced and skilled healthcare team leaders.

Our CEO, has specialised education and training from Harvard, Yale and Wharton, the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa ( besides being American Board of Independent Medical Examiners Certified Independent Medical Examiner [CIME]).

Road Accident Fund and Medical Negligence Medical Experts
We do so much more for you, all in one practice!

  • Road Accident Fund Claims

  • RAF Form 4 /Reports

  • Personal Injury claims

  • Certified Independent Medical Examiners

  • Independent Medical Reports RAF 4/ Serious injury assessments

  • Disability assessments and ratings/ reports

  • AMA (6th Edition) compliant ratings’ reports

  • Medico-legal Consulting

  • Forensic assessments

  • Medical Negligence claims

  • Medical Advisory

  • Multi-disciplinary specialist and auxiliary services co-ordination and reports


Medical Experts available for your assessments

  • Medico-legal Consultant

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • Plastic surgeon

  • Maxillo-facial Surgeon

  • Cardiothoracic Surgeon

  • Trauma/ General Surgeon

  • ENT Surgeon

  • Ophthalmologist

  • Neurologist

  • Industrial Psychologist

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Neuropsychology Assessment

  • Educational Psychologist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Speech and Language Therapist

  • Audiologist

  • X-Rays/CT/ MRI scans

  • Psychiatrist

With Experts: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Not all healthcare practitioners are experts. Some are great in patient care, and others are great in management. However, their technical skills, are not always enough to provide an expert opinion, based on independent global frameworks and scientific evidence. True experts are independent, experienced, and skilled in delivering expert opinions!

CEO: Dr Terrence O. Kommal

Current Appointment: HPCSA RAF Appeals’ Tribunal Chair/Member: Pretoria Committee (ad hoc)

Dr Terrence O. Kommal is medical doctor and is also a Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner (CIME) in the AMA Guidelines (6th edition) by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and the American College of Disability Medicine, and specialises in Road Accident Fund medical assessments!

He is one of the few privileged doctors in Africa to have successfully completed the PG Certificate in Medicine in Law (CML) in 2003. He studied and graduated under Emeritus Prof SA Strauss, who is considered the the founding father of Medical Law in South Africa.

As a qualified a medico-legal professional, he also has knowledge of the workings of the legal profession and statutes.  He enjoys reading case law, and is current with leading judgments in a range of matters.

He has also completed a Senior Management Programme: Advanced Health Management Programme from Yale University.

He has also further completed a range of other academic courses in a various fields including infectious diseases, HIV, TB, emergency medicine, and military medicine, etc.

Dr Kommal is a full member of the Royal Society of South Africa since 2007 , after being nominated by two senior fellows and elected to full membership by the general council. The Royal Society is a royal charter institution, and is SA’s leading academic body.

Dr Terrence Kommal at Ayush Healthcare


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Ayush Healthcare Medical Experts are top rated both my plaintiff attorney firms as well as the Road Accident Fund, and the State Attorney.


Ayush Healthcare Medical Experts are independent experts who’s opinions are scientific and evidence based!


Ayush Healthcare Medical Experts provide reports with a high standard of Integrity and each report is prepares as the expert will be called to testify with it!

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